What licenses are Hybrid Journals using for their Open Access articles?

Currently there are 10,469 hybrid journals indexed by JournalTOCs. An analysis of the data recorded for those journals, shows that all of them are currently using Creative Commons (CC) licenses for their Open Access (OA) articles. Following, we list the 16 biggest publishers of hybrid journals and the type of licenses they are offering for OA.


PubID Publisher Hybrid Journals Licence(s)
822 Springer-Verlag 2183 CC choices
424 Taylor & Francis 1710 CC choices
599 John Wiley & Sons 1514 CC choices
317 Elsevier 1407 CC choices, EUL
757 SAGE Publications 724 CC choices
415 Inderscience Publishers 397 CC choices
369 Emerald 309 CC-BY
715 Oxford University Press 299 CC choices
250 Cambridge University Press 188 CC choices
1142 Informahealthcare 177 CC choices
869 Thieme Medical Publishers 148 CC-BY-NC-ND
904 Wolters Kluwer 143 CC choices
239 Brill Academic Publishers 140 CC choices
636 Maney Publishing 139 CC choices
450 IEEE 113 CC choices, OAPA
916 World Scientific 109 CC choices

Conclusion: Every Hybrid Journal accepts or is using CC licenses

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