1,000 new titles added in three months

During the first months of the JEMO Project, nearly 1,000 new journal titles have been manually added to JournalTOCs, in preparation for: (1) helping publishers to implement standard access-rights elements in their RSS feeds to enable the systematic identification of Open Access (OA) articles from hybrid and Green OA journals and; (2) broadening the benefits of current awareness on scholarly publications for researchers from developing countries.

As well as a systematic trawl through the publication lists of about 50 major journal publishers, which resulted in many titles being added from De Gruyter/Versita, Oxford University Press, Project Muse, Sage and Taylor & Francis, etc, the Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI) was checked.  Many titles included in DRJI are published in developing countries, however the list includes some titles that feature in Beall’s List: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers plus basically published titles which do not produce RSS TOC feeds, therefore care was taken to add only quality journals listed in the DRJI to JournalTOCs.

Redalyc provides access to over 800 journals published in Latin America. Some Redalyc titles were failing in JournalTOCs, and so the entire list of Redalyc journals was checked, and this resulted in many new titles being added to JournalTOCs plus all existing records updated.  There are now about 450 Redalyc titles in JournalTOCs. The remaining titles listed at the Redalyc website are either already in JournalTOCs because they are also listed by SciELO or another publisher, or have ceased publication.

All journals on the PePSIC  website were checked in a similar way.  A number of new titles were subsequently added to JournalTOCs.

The DOAJ produces an RSS feed of new titles added.  About 60 or so titles are added by DOAJ each week.  These were checked against JournalTOCs.  Now that DOAJ have a reasonable quality control policy, most titles with feeds are added to JournalTOCs.

During the period in question, [NewJour] restarted posting details of new (to it) journals.  These were checked against JournalTOCs and added where applicable.

The JURN blog notes new additions to their service. These were checked, and added to JournalTOCs, where applicable.

Additions to ZETOC were checked, and added to JournalTOCs, where applicable.

The new titles were blogged here (105 titles), here (103 titles), here (324 titles), here (287 titles) and here (135 titles).

Most new additions were weeted by @journaltocs  

By using a Google URL Shortener in the tweets, the number of people who click through to the JournalTOCs website from the tweets can be checked.


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