23,000 Scholarly Journals now included in JournalTOCs alerting service for researchers: A major milestone


As a result of work being done on the JEMO Project, the number of scholarly journals whose latest Tables of Contents (TOCs) are included in the JournalTOCS alerting service for researchers has passed the 23,000 mark.  The increase has resulted from a systematic review of current journal titles being offered by several of the largest publishers included in JournalTOCs, plus the addition of a number of relatively new journals, several of which are of interest to researchers in developing countries and/or medical researchers.

Of the 23,000 Tables of Content included in JournalTOCs, more than 6,500 are Open Access.  Of the non OA titles, a rapidly growing number are hybrid journals, i.e. ones where some, but not all, of the articles are Open Access.  For example, Elsevier, the largest journal publisher, now offers OA options to authors in over 1600 of their journals.  Other publishers are following a similar course and most are offering OA options in a percentage, or in some cases all, of their titles.

Following the increase in coverage of JournalTOCs, the JEMO Project will be better placed to fulfil its twofold objectives:  (1) to help publishers to implement standard access-rights elements in their RSS feeds to enable the systematic identification of Open Access (OA) articles from hybrid and Green OA journals and; (2) to broaden the benefits of current awareness on scholarly publications for researchers from developing countries.

It is not only about quantity, of course. Quality of content is also important, and JournalTOCs does not include journals that do not adhere to appropriate standards.

More details about further progress being made by JEMO will appear shortly in this blog.


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