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Welcome to JEMO, a project funded by EPSRC and Heriot Watt University, with the support of five scholarly publishers and two large library organisations.  JEMO is associated with JournalTOCs, the popular journal current awareness service, where thousands of researchers keep up-to-date with the latest scholarly publications.

JEMO will implement standard RSS (Really Simple Syndication) elements to enable the systematic identification of Open Access (OA) articles from hybrid and Green OA journals.

nisoPresentationThe Need for Article-Level Open-Access Metadata … by Todd A. Carpenter

At the same time JEMO will broaden the benefits of the JournalTOCs Premium product to researchers from developing countries, under the umbrella of consortia with INASP.

A Nepali Participant of INASPA Nepali Participant of INASP

Project References

“The overall growth of OA together with new funder mandates and the creation of hybrid journals creates a landscape laden with OA articles that may possess different associated rights and responsibilities, and contributes to confusion as to who may take what action under what circumstances.”
Source: Lagace N. and Tananbaum G. (2013) The Serials Librarian. Taylor & Francis. Volume 65, Issue 2. pp. 123–127. 10.1080/0361526X.2013.813892

Journal Article Retrieval in an Age of Open Access: How Journal Indexes Indicate Open Access Articles by Xiaotian Chena. Published in Journal of Web Librarianship, Volume 7, Issue 3, 2013

Library report shines light on developing world by Matthew Reisz

As Hybrid Open Access Grows, the Scholarly Community Needs Article-level OA Metadata by Todd A Carpenter

Open access, Primo Central and addressing accessibility to open access articles in hybrid journals by Christine Stohn

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